Our Story

Our Story

From Nathan Manning, Co-owner…

Dear Surfer,

Hello my name is Nathan Manning. Our family started into the meats business because of me. Like many Canadians of my generation, I believed in the importance of environmental sustainability, and also valued the social benefits of agriculture, such as egalitarianism and the contribution of rural and small-town perspectives to society. In 2008 my parents Sandra and Preston invested in the ranching side of the business.

A lot of work has been done since! I live in Vancouver now and am involved at the Denman Street location along with my Mom Sandra and the rest of the gang here. I’m back at the land whenever possible, and on the phone a lot with our on-site employee and Becky at the Calgary location.

It’s been a lot of work but my parents and I are glad we took the plunge. It’s all about the ideas, the living things and the people–and providing flavourful, healthful food!

Our main land is located near Senlac, Saskatchewan. 2019 is the last year of its organic transition. Our cows and yearlings winter there, and during the growing season the yearlings stay there to be grass-finished and the cows go to a community pasture. In past years we were able to certify the cattle and meat, and are working on getting back there. But until we do we still don’t use growth hormones or other needless injections, and any animals we give antibiotics to, as other sick animals, we remove from our meat program and sell into the commodity market (where they will end up as your non-organic food!).

We believe in organic certification because in our opinion it’s the best certification out there. This is how the system works: federal legislation (the Canadian Organic Standards) governs organic production and products, stipulates what “organic” means and details that in respect to all parts of the supply chain. Then a private, third-party company, in our case our certifier Ecocert, visits the farm or business and monitors compliance with the Standards. Also many people in Canada worked for many years to develop the Canadian Organic Standards, and knowing about this gives us further confidence in this system.

Hopefully this info can give our customers confidence. And if you have any questions about the land or cattle feel free to give me a ring at (604) 314-4369 or email nathan@tangosmeats.com.

Sincerely, Nathan Manning

Tango’s Meats”

From Sandra Manning, Co-owner…

Dear Customer:
At Tango’s we’re committed to providing you Clean Healthy Food, and we pride ourselves in INFORMING our buyers, spending time guiding you through your selection of our healthy and nutritious choices. It is a pleasure to be a small business owner, as well as a ranching family… and bring you ranch-direct 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Galloway beef.

Pat, Manager of Tango’s Vancouver

Welcome Tango’s Shopper:
Our team is ready to provide tips, suggestions, and  information on our high quality, healthy products.  Our motivation is to give you an experience of friendly service each time you shop with us, whether in person or online!   We look forward to serving you soon!  Thank you.