BBQ Tips

When BBQ’ing 100% grassfed and grass-finished Tango’s steaks, here are some very important tips:

             *ROOM TEMPERATURE.  Rub the meat with garlic clove, some pepper and a little bath of olive oil. Then leave it covered on the counter until it reaches room temp… maybe 2 hours.

              *DON”T USE SALT.  Chemically-speaking, salt draws out moisture.  It will DRY OUT your meat!  So don’t use it in the preparation stage of your process.  Put a dab of salted butter on the meat when it’s resting (after the BBQ), or place salt on the table when serving.

              *PLEASE PLEASE DON’T USE STORE-BOUGHT MARINADES, SOY SAUCE OR BBQ SAUCES, OR MONTREAL STEAK SPICE etc.  You’ll never taste the true flavours of your meats… you’ll only taste the ‘ADD-ON’!

               *BBQ grill or CAST-IRON FRY PAN must be SUPER HOT for the searing.  So when beginning the cooking, have the grill or the griddle very hot and fry 2 minutes on each side, thus locking in the nutrition and natural juices.  

                *MUST USE A MEAT THERMOMETER  When done the 2 minutes of searing, turn the heat down, and finish them to your desired “doneness” (ie. rare- to well done) using a meat thermometer.  130 degrees is rare, and 160 is medium to well done.

                 *REST THE MEAT.  Once the meat is done to your preference, set it to the side, and cover it with foil, allowing it to REST for at least 2-3 mins.  Add the dab of salted butter at this stage if desired.

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