Equality, diversity, origins, genetics… these words constitute the vocabulary of a great deal of the public discourse these days! 

And they also have a place in the discussions and information which belong within the realm of the food industry, health and wellness, and nutrition. 

As the ranchers who also own and operate the Tango’s retail enterprise, providing the farm to fork, ranch-gate to table food experience, we have to say that in this “buyer beware” world of food… ALL MEATS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! 

Here’s some things to think about when you’re seeking out information/facts about meat protein: 

a piece of meat (whether beef, chicken, lamb, pork) will only be as “good for you” (nutrient dense, healthy, clean) as what the animal was eating!

The motto of SP Cattle Co., Tango’s ranching arm, is “You are what you eat… eats!” That means it matters MORE what the animal was eating, not just what particular animal protein you (the consumer) are eating. This is WHY our Galloway herd eats ONLY grass… thus the grassfed AND grassfinished designation. This motto can also can be taken one more step in the cycle of the natural environment, and ask “well then, what was the grass eating, what was in the soil?!” Because when we eat the meat, we’re eating the grass and what was in the soil also! Our answer again is, … nothing BUT the natural trace elements of the soil. The land is NOT “enriched” by chemical fertilizers, not sprayed with pesticides, not “enhanced” by treated or modified seed. 

But what do they drink… that must be in the meat fibre also. Indeed it is. This is another natural part of the Nature’s growth cycle. 

More to follow in the next blog!

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