Argentine Short Rib

ARGENTINIAN SHORT RIBS Argentina is the # 1 producer of grass-fed beef in the world. This recipe comes from a new cookbook by Canada’s Lucy Waverman & Beppi Crosariol, who suggest a pairing of an Argentinian MALBEC with this main entre. 1 T Chopped garlic 1 T Chopped fresh oregano 1 T Chopped fresh thyme 1 tsp Dry mustard 1 … Read More

Argentine Chimichurri Recipe

Ingredients: 1 head of fresh garlic peeled & minced 1 cup packed fresh parsley 1 cup fresh oregano leaves 2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp coarse salt Directions: Prepare a brine solution called “Salmuera” by boiling water & coarse salt. Allow i to cool Combine garlic, parsley, … Read More

Its All About The Grass

INDEED! when we decided to ranch “like it was a 100 years ago… but this time ON PURPOSE”,  we selected the amazing Galloway breed because of their fabulous genetics, their hearty, sturdy configuration, and their wonderful low-key disposition.  And then, of course, we wanted to nurture these special beef animals on ONLY natural prairie grasses, provide clean spring water, and … Read More


2 lbs. TANGO’S 100% grassfed ground beef 2 c. chicken/beef broth 5 cups water 4 cups dried red kidney beans 4 cups dried black beans 1 tube shop tomatoe paste 2 cans diced tomatoes 3 packets of dried brown gravy mix STEW OVER NITE IN CROCK POT, ON VERY LOW. ADD: 3 T. brown sugar 1 t. worchestire sauce 5 … Read More

BBQ Tips

When BBQ’ing 100% grassfed and grass-finished Tango’s steaks, here are some very important tips:              *ROOM TEMPERATURE.  Rub the meat with garlic clove, some pepper and a little bath of olive oil. Then leave it covered on the counter until it reaches room temp… maybe 2 hours.               *DON”T … Read More


WE’VE COME A VERY LONG WAY FROM 2008! This postcard takes you back to the very early beginnings of Tango’s Meats! We were selling in a local community centre, 3 hours each week, introducing consumers to the new world of 100% grassfed & grass-finished Galloway Beef from our own ranch, SP Cattle Co. in the Cypress Hills of south-eastern Alberta! … Read More