Its All About The Grass

INDEED! when we decided to ranch “like it was a 100 years ago… but this time ON PURPOSE”,  we selected the amazing Galloway breed because of their fabulous genetics, their hearty, sturdy configuration, and their wonderful low-key disposition.  And then, of course, we wanted to nurture these special beef animals on ONLY natural prairie grasses, provide clean spring water, and not interfere with their natural inclination to graze selectively on wide-open fresh pastures.

YES, IT’S ABOUT THE GRASSES!  These GRASSES and the SOIL from which they grow, are the ORIGIN, the STARTING POINT of the natural cycle which provides the clean and healthy beef that can be purchased at Tango’s Meats. 

When YOU eat one of our wonderful Tango’s steaks or Ground Beef, YOU may be eating a very quality beef… BUT what did the BEEF ANIMAL EAT?  Well, in the case of our SP Cattle Co. beef, that means 100% GRASS. 

BUT what did the GRASS EAT?  Now we’re looking at soil science.  Were pesticides and herbicides sprayed on those grasses?  Were fertilizers plowed into that soil?  Were these pastures natural grass or planted with modified and treated seed?

The MOTTO of Tango’s Beef is “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT… EATS!”

And we have provided for you the most secure sourcing of clean, safe, and nutritious beef.  From the sanctity of the soil, to the integrity of the grasses, to the stewardship of the herd and where they graze, to the entire life-time of nurturing in the field with no feedlots, to the security of the federally-inspected processing at harvest…

Your Tango’s Beef is produced in a manner that has you and your family’s well-being at the centre of its’ mandate: grassfed and grass-finished.

And this same orientation that informs ALL the choices we make at Tango’s.  ALL our meats are sourced as locally, clean and close to the small-scale producers as possible. ALL our butter, eggs and cheeses come from family-operated small business enterprises that cherish their animals and care for their soil.  Our marinates, stuffings, meat-loaves, Grassfed beef sausages and chili’s are made IN-HOUSE, so they your food is not laced with sugar, dye or high sodium products.

We look forward to showing you the Tango’s shop, meeting you in person, and sharing our love of healthy eating.

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