TANGO’S unique distinctive is that the ranchers are the retailers

When we were away from Vancouver recently, travelling back to our ranching operation, we found this poster on the wall of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) farm store. It definitely captured the story that we seek to bring back to the large urban centres where we directly sell our 100% grassfed & finished galloway beef to the public. To be able to meet the producer of your healthy food, to establish a relationship of trust in their earnest desire to sustain the land and the animals who naturally graze there, be served by those same ranchers, and then enjoy the gorgeous steak that you took home to your BBQ…, this is very rare. But the VITAL FACT that this poster represents, the “flip side” of that urban experience of direct ranch-gate sales & delicious juicy steak, is that we small ranchers (and farmers, vegetable and berry producers) RELY ON our URBAN BUYERS TO MAKE THE DECISION TO SUPPORT OUR LIVELIHOOD! There is a tremendous amount of unseen and unsung hard work, physical risk, conscientious care of our herd, and the daily realities of a SEVERE FINANCIAL ROLLERCOASTER due to climate, government taxation and regulation, and the influences of the MASS PRODUCTION and MASSIVE BOX STORE PURCHASING. With your purchasing dollar, support the LIVELIHOOD of the small, the local, the clean and healthy, producers of your food. YOU AND YOUR DOLLAR HAVE A CHOICE.

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