This postcard takes you back to the very early beginnings of Tango’s Meats! We were selling in a local community centre, 3 hours each week, introducing consumers to the new world of 100% grassfed & grass-finished Galloway Beef from our own ranch, SP Cattle Co. in the Cypress Hills of south-eastern Alberta! Since then, 11 years later, we have continue to nurture our wonderful herd of Galloway on the native grasses of our ranchland, sustaining the land and herd with natural organic practises, no antibiotics or hormones, no feedlots or stockyards! And with our expansion into the Vancouver marketplace, through the purchase of Tango’s Meats on Denman St., we have met another exciting goal in our company’s plan to have a vertically integrated agricultural enterprise. Come to visit this TANGO’S MEATS BLOG SITE often, and we’ll provide you with ongoing commentary and insights into the world of agriculture, food-production industry, health and wellness information, news from chefs and culinary experts, personal reflections on highlights and “lowlights” of marketing trends, buyerbeware scenarios in the world of fresh food, and stories from the real-life interactions with our customers at Tango’s Meats! We’re looking forward to meeting with you frequently on this Tango’s site, your source of trusted information regarding clean and healthy food.

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